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Homejoy¡¯s  Advantages

Provide one-stop relocation service for free

1 .We have more than150,000 apartments and houses for rental, and 10,000 take Homejoy as their sole agency which is  lower than the competitive market rate by 10%~20%.

2 .With 3 years¡¯ experience of managing serviced apartment in the field, we have remedied some shortage of the properties including house decoration, configuration, after-service through our management of acting on behalf of the individual landlord

3 .Sales have rich working experience in Corporate Companies, abiding by all the rules of client¡¯s company; they have excellent skills of communication and negotiation.

4 .We have set up our own service center in plenty of compounds and the tailor-made service includes: house cleaning, beddings changing, laundry service, etc. Customers can enjoy high-standard service serviced by Homejoy¡¯s own Household Care Center.

5 .We have also arranged the on-site assistant with strongly administrative support that HR & Admin are relieved from routine and complicated relocation work for our cooperative clients.

6 .Advantageous clauses of our contract: around 80% of the owners can be negotiated as fixed term with six months and current term with one year and a half. Clients have the right to terminate agreement anytime by noticing the landlord his intension to do so at least 30 days ahead of time. We ensure that the rental is lower than the market price during lease term of renewal

7 .Advantageous payment of security deposit : Banker¡¯s Letter of Guarantee ; deposit offset rental ; around 50% property of the individual landlord can be rented out without paying deposit in advance ; help client to urge the landlord to refund deposit punctually and assist to chase previous outstanding deposit.

8 .We can help to pay in cash on behalf of our cooperative clients on relocation issues in advance.

9 .We will organize experts¡¯ events & activities yearly and have a seminar with HR regularly.During this process please don¡¯t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.We are flexible to your needs and appointments. Looking forward to hearing from you.