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#Homes Near Schools

British Int'l School (Puxi)
Shanghai American School (Puxi)

British Int'l School (Pudong)
Community Int'l School (Pudong)

Concordia Int'l School (Pudong)
Dulwich College (Pudong)
Yew Chung Int'l School (Pudong)

Ecole Francaise de Shanghai
Shanghai German School (Eurocampus)

Community Int'l School (Puxi)
Yew Chung Int'l School (Puxi)

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5br    700sqm   Pudong
RMB: 70000 / month
Dongjiao Villas
6br    550sqm   Pudong
RMB: 55000 / month
Dongjiao Villas
5br    480sqm   Pudong
RMB: 52000 / month
Dongjiao Villas
4br    500sqm   Pudong
RMB: 45000 / month
Dongjiao Villas
5br    550sqm   Pudong
RMB: 60000 / month
Dongjiao Villas
6br    720sqm   Pudong
RMB: 65000 / month
Dongjiao Villas